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Ideal VIP Vinyl Insulated Patio Pet Door Insert

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Ideal VIP Patio Pet Door | Dual Pane Glass

Dual Pane Low-E Glass Insert with an Insulated Pet Flap

The Ideal VIP Patio Pet Door (Vinyl Insulated Panel)is a dual pane glass insert that uses the Ideal UltraFlex Pet door.
Ideal Pet Products has developed the VIP Patio Insert for customers with vinyl sliding doors. This energy efficient vinyl frame is made with particular attention to detail in style and performance. The insert has double paned "Low-E" glass and a newly designed durable, insulated UltraFlex flap. This flap is made of durable GE Lexan segments that allow for any pet to use, while giving you a superior pet opening seal. The durable flap is "chew-proof" and has a reputation of never having to be replaced. A slide in locking panel is also included to secure the pet opening.

[image] Close up views of the VIP pet door

[photo] How to Measure for a patio Pet Door
The overall frame of these units is made with vinyl and is thicker than any other patio pet door on the you a closer match when your sliding door meets with the unit. Another great improvement is the ability to lock your sliding door directly to the VIP Patio Insert! (Fits most existing locks). All other patio inserts use auxiliary locking systems to secure the sliding door.

Medium has pet opening of 6 5/8"w x 11 1/4"h
Extra Large has pet opening of 10 1/4"w x 15 3/4"h

These inserts come in variety of height ranges for nearly every size of sliding door. The VIP is designed to be installed "semi-permanently". The latches for fastening the unit into place are hidden from view, so you do not have any visible screws or holes to detract from the aesthetics of your sliding doors.
The VIP is most certainly a higher-end patio insert, requiring slightly more involvement with installing than traditional patio inserts.

Note: Currently there are no alternative or 'Custom Rise' options on the VIP Panels. Ideal Pet Products may offer these in the future.

Note: There is a 20% restocking fee for all VIP returns


Selecting Correct
Pet Door Size
Guide to
Replace Flaps
[photo] How to Measure your pet for a Proper Pet Opening

Ideal VIP Patio Insert
for Vinyl Sliding Doors

The Frame of the VIP Insert will fit slider frames 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" thick.
Fits Left or Right Handed doors.
Medium Size comes with 4" step over Rise
Extra Large Size comes with 6" step over Rise

Pet Opening

Overall Panel

76 3/4
78 1/2"

79 3/4
81 1/2"

92 3/4
94 1/2"

95 3/4
97 1/2"
12 3/8"
Extra Large

15 7/8"

Please make sure the pet opening and choice of rise will accommodate your pet(s).

Panels Usually ship Within 24 Business Hours

Standard Heights Adjustment Detail
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Plus Heights Adjustment Detail
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Standard Heights Adjustment Detail
Plus Heights Adjustment Detail

View of Top Section - Spec Info

View of Bottom Section
- Spec Info

[photo] Top section of the Ideal VIP Patio Insert - Standard Heights
[photo] Top section of the Ideal VIP Patio Insert - Standard Plus Heights
[photo] VIP Patio Panel - bottom section view

The bottom section of the VIP is designed to straddle the center guide rail that is most often found in the channel on the floor. (This is the groove that the your sliding door follows).

The VIP will fit center guide rails that are 3/4" wide or less. The VIP will fit 99% of the tracks out on the market, but you will want to make sure that the center guide rail is not wider than 3/4".

The overall thickness of the VIP unit is 1 1/2" in width. These will closely match the thickness of the frame on your sliding door. The VIP is equipped with hardware allowing you to LOCK your slider to the VIP, (99% of the time). Otherwise a brace-bar is recommend.

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Dual Pane - Rigid Door
Permanent Install
Hardware included
Starts at $364.99
4 Star Rated Pet DoorInsulated Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products Authorized Retailer
Pricing starts at: $364.99
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All Ideal Pet Product returns incur a 20% restocking fee

Fits Openings From 76 3/4" to 97 1/2""
Dual Pane Glass | Segmented Insulated Flap
Vinyl Insulated - Permanent Installation