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Ideal Lockable Sash Window Insert

$146.99 - $190.99
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Ideal lockable Cat flap Window Insert

Spring Loaded Adjustment - No Tools Easy Install

Ideal Lockable Cat Flap Sash window Pet Door

The Ideal Lockable Cat Flap Window insert
is designed specifically for cats. The locking cat flap that is used in the insert is rugged and durable. You will never have to replace the flap. It features a 4 Way locking control that allows you to set the door to allow access in the following directions:

Pet opening is 6 1/4"w x 6 1/4"h
Rigid flap with weather seal & magentic closure
4-Way locking control - Manual knob
Both ends have spring loaded adjustment
Pet Opening is centered in unit
Safety tempered glass on either side

This window unit is made of safety glass. Both ends of the insert have spring-loaded tension pieces. These allow for an approx. 5" inch adjustment range that may give you the option of using the unit in more than one window. No other unit on the market gives you a more generous fitting range. This item offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Note: When selecting an adjustment range, make sure your overall width measurement falls comfortably within the selected range. The unit must contract more than your opening width to get the unit into the channel. Your channel width should be 1" wide to accept this unit. Call us if you would like assistance with your measurements or selection.

Cat using Lockable cat flap sash window pet door

A Pet Ramp can be beneficial for allowing access in particular tricky areas. Moore Pet Carries a full range of models that can be used in a variety of situations to allow easy and safe access for your cat. We even have models that can be used outdoors.

<td "="" width="110" bgcolor="#EFEFEF">Ranges of Adjustment

Ideal Lockable Cat Flap
Window Pet Door

This window unit has 2 adjustment pieces, one on each end
giving you the maximum fitting potential between different windows

Overall height of unit - 10 9/16" high

Lockable Cat door used in Sash Window Pet Door
Pet Opening
6 1/4"w x 6 1/4"h>
Flap is rigid with weather stripping around perimeter
held in place my magnetic closure. For cats up to 14 lbs.
The adjustment ranges are the minimum & maximum that a unit will contract. Make sure you allow for the depth of your window channel when selecting a range. Call us for assistance: 608-781-7385
Flap Type
Solid-Rigid Flap
with magnetic closure
Designed for cats
Pricing starts at
Returns incur a 20% restocking fee
Technical Specifications

All Window Sash Units have a spring-load adjuster on EACH end
Info below highlights only one end of unit

[photo] Window sash pet door specs
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3 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $146.99 - $190.99

Ideal Pet Products Authorized Retailer

Pricing starts at: $146.99
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All Ideal Pet Product returns incur a 20% restocking fee

Sash Window Pet Door

Sash Window Pet Door Installation Instructions

  • Raise your sash window pane. Hold Secure.

  • Foam Bumper Seal is included. Cut 2 pieces of bumper seal to the same length as the width of your window. Peel off protective backing and attach foam along top and bottom edge of pet door.

  • Place the pet door assembly between the window sill and the open window.

  • Lower the window pane until it touches down onto the pet door assembly.

  • Turn the silver knobs counter-clockwise one turn to release the end spacers.

  • Pet door assembly should now fit the window snugly on both ends.

  • Turn silver knobs clockwise to lock ends in position.

  • Vinyl Draft Stopper extrusion is included. Cut to required length. Clean window surface and peel off protective backing. Attach along top edge of the lower window. Make sure inside flexible edge touches glass.

***If knobs interfere with bottom sill, you may remove knobs as follows:

  • Take out 2 screws that hold adjustable end extrusions.

  • Push steel rods into long bottom extrusions about 1/8 inch below surface. Locking knob and pin will then pull out.

  • Re-assemble adjustable end extrusions.

    Note: Leave top knobs in place to lock your pet door in position.
Fits Openings From 23" to 50"
Single Pane Glass | Single Flap Lockable Cat Door
Manual 4-Way Lockable - 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" Pet Opening