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Cat Trees

  • 26 Inch Faux Fleece Cat Tree

    26 Inch Faux Fleece Cat Tree

    26 Inch Faux Fleece Cat Tree Model B2501 This 26" tall faux fleece cat tree from Armarkat is a great option for the cat owner with limited space. Whil…

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Cat Tree Basic Information

Contemporary Designed Cat Trees

Contrary to what some people believe, cat trees are more than just elaborate scratching posts. A cat tree is essentially a piece of furniture designed specifically to appeal to the wild instincts of domestic feline pets. Even if you live in an area close to greenbelt space where cats can get a lot of activity, you will still benefit from a cat tree, also known as a cat climb, for the reasons mentioned below.

Best Cat Trees

You already know that cats need a space for feeding and a separate space for their litter box inside your home. If the cat is lucky to spend most of its time outside in a wooded area, you may be able to get away with just providing a scratching post in order to spare the upholstery of your furniture. House cats that cannot venture outside need cat trees because their wild instincts require them to climb, stretch their muscles, sharpen their claws, claim their territory, play, and perch.

To a certain extent, cat trees stand-in for natural trees. Felines will act upon their instincts; this is something that has not changed in the 10,000 years since they were domesticated by ancient farmers who needed to keep mice and other pests away. With all this in mind, here are the various kinds of cat trees for household use:

Free-Standing Cat Trees

Most cat trees are the free-standing kind; this allows pet owners to simply place them somewhere in their homes. The opposite of these designs would be cat trees that require some sort of installation such as attaching them to a wall.

Carpeted Cat Trees

Scratching posts can be covered with sisal rope, but cat trees are always better with carpeting. Similar to the criteria you apply to carpet material for your home, the quality will dictate durability. Whenever possible, look for Berber instead of shag carpeting.

Tall Cat Tree

You will generally want to choose the tallest cat tree that will fit in your home. As far as cats are concerned, the higher the structure, the more opportunities they have to play and develop their dexterity. We offer cat trees higher than 80 inches from the base.

Heavy Duty Cat Trees For Large Cats

When you have a large feline breed such as the Maine Coon, you will face a dilemma. These cats are such excellent hunters that if you let them outside all the time, they will decimate the local bird population. If you must keep them inside, they will happily adapt to domestic life, but you will need a heavy-duty cat tree with plenty of distractions such as our Omega model.

Learn More About Cat Trees from Moore Pet Supplies

At Moore Pet Supplies, our staff members are very knowledgeable about the needs of domestic cats. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions about our various cat trees. We offer free shipping on all cat tree purchases with no minimum amount.