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Outdoor Pet Feeders

  • Corner Feeder - 24"

    Corner Feeder - 24"

    Corner Feeder - 24" Overall Dimensions: 34 1/2"L x 19 3/4"W x 27 1/2"H   The Corner Feeder by High Country Plastics is a heavy-duty plastic feede…

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Outdoor Pet Feeders

Outdoor pet feeders are a great tool to ensure that your dogs and cats receive the nourishment they need. They won't get into the bag of kibble or wet food if on a diet, and you can track their eating habits on a regular basis. You can also use them to feed stray and feral cats, without having to wait for them every day.

Most of our pet feeders are designed so that raccoons and other wild animals won't steal your dog's breakfast or pass on rabies. They also will make mealtime comfortable in cases of rough weather. Browse our selection to find the best fit for your Siberian Husky, Norwegian Cat, or other outdoor breeds.

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Pet Feeder Station

Having a station helps you keep your dog from knocking their food or water bowl over and creating a big mess for birds and raccoons to eat. Usually, these bowls and feeders are designed for stability and handling volatile weather conditions. Elevated models are one such example.

The Single Fence Feeder is one such example of adding stability to your outdoor feeding station. Elevate it by attaching it to a fence. The UV plastic material is FDA-approved and designed to be weatherproof.

Outdoor Automatic Dog Feeder

Automatic feeders ensure that the portion sizes that your pets receive are consistent. Every pet owner has heard the familiar yowl of a cat that claims his food bowl is empty, despite having eaten only half. Sometimes they even break into the supply of fresh food.

Try this weatherproof Automatic Feeder for your dog, which is made of durable stainless steel and polyethylene. Mount on any flat surface, from walls to doors, and regulate the quantity of food with ease. This feeder has a carrying capacity of 25 gallons worth, and arrives fully assembled. Save on time and effort when you order this one.

Outdoor Automatic Feeder With Timer

An automatic feeder with a digital timer helps regulate mealtimes. That helps create a schedule and thus a daily routine, a necessity for good training. You also will prevent your pets from overeating their wet and dry food, which can lead to health problems and stomachaches. The feeder also means that your cat or dog is less likely to tap you awake if they know that the food is ready. You can rise at a regular time every day and know that your pet is fed.

Thermal Bowls

During cold weather, drinking water and wet food can ice up easily. That, in turn, can risk your pet?s teeth behind damaged or getting their tongue stuck on the ice. You would rather avoid that with thermal bowls, which are great for outdoor kennels and pens. Keep your barn cats hydrated in the coldest conditions.

Heated Dog Bowls

One great heated dog bowl is the K&H Thermal Bowl, meant for water. Choose if you want the 96 ounces or 1.5-gallon size. Simply plug them into the outlet and watch energy-efficient warmth in action. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Optimize Feeding Time With Moore Pet Supplies

Moore Pet Supplies believes in ensuring pet comfort for any occasion, from feeding schedules to sleep. We want to ensure that you can build a steady routine when testing out eating on the patio or in the yard.

Contact us today to find your pet-proof feeder. Our Moore Pet Supply experts will find the best way to dispense food for your beloved animal.