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Emperor Rings Dog Gate

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Emperor Rings Dog Gate

'Pet Gate for Hallways and Doorways'


The Emperor Rings Dog Gate is a newly design durable metal pet gate that is designed for installation in doorways and hallways.. Blending stylish design with rugged durability, this pet gate is perfect for doorways or hallways.

Decorative bars lend an elegant feel to any area of your home. This gate is built tough and will restrict any dog; large or small. The height is 32" tall so your pet should not be able to jump over when your not looking.

There are two models; one for a hallway and one for a doorway. You can choose between either Antique Black or Mocha colors. The coverage width differs slightly. (See Specifications Below)

Available in 2 Models:
Doorway Model: 32" tall x 28"-32" wide, 21" wide walk-through doorway
Hallway Model: 32" tall x 34"-38" wide, 23" wide walk-through doorway

Extension Options for the Emperor Rings Dog Gate
(Doorway Model)
28" - 32"
No extensions needed
33" - 37"
Purchase one GX2 extension
38" - 42"
Purchase two GX2 extensions

Extension Options for the Emperor Rings Dog Gate
(Hallway Model)
34" - 38"
No extensions needed
39" - 43"
Purchase one GX2 extension
44" - 48"
Purchase two GX2 extensions

Color Choices
Gate Colors

Note: These gates is a pressure mounted gate. No screws or mounting hardware required for installation.

(Some sites change the name of this gate in order to market as their own unique item.)

Emperor Rings Dog Gate - Doorway Model
Doorway Model
Emperor Rings Dog Gate - Hallway Model
Hallway Model

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Pressure Mounted Model
32" high
Doorway Model Fits 28"-34"
Hallway Model Fits 34"-40"
Add Ext. for a max of 42"(Doorway)/48" (Hallway)

Doorway model: 32"tall x 28"-32" wide Hallway model: 32" tall x 34"-38" wide Rugged steel construction Pressure mounted - no screws or hardware Easy latch, locking walk through door
Returns: Within 30 days - Unused - 15% restocking fee

Emperor Rings Dog Gate
For Hallways and Doorways