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Elite Manual 4-Way Locking Side Sliding Window Insert

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Elite Manual 4-Way Locking Side Sliding Window Insert
4-Way Lockable

Single Pane Glass | 6" x 6" Pet Opening | Sliding Window Pet Doors

[photo] Benefits of the Security Boss Patio Pet Doors

The Elite Manual Side Sliding Window Pet Door by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC combines both the function and aesthetics that are lacking in current utility side sliding window inserts. There are 6 height ranges that will fit most window door heights. The top of the Elite Manual Side Sliding Window has an adjustable spring loaded top that can be locked-down for security. Locking the extension into place will prevent someone from compressing the extension from the outside and gaining access to your home.

The Elite Manual cat door features the popular 4-way locking twist lock mechanism that allows access in-only, out-only, locked or unlocked. The pet opening measures 6" x 6" making it suitable for small to average sized cats.

The top of the Security Boss Side Sliding Window Inserts are specially designed for the addition of snap on extensions that lock tight when in place. Each extension adds 2 inches to the overall window insert height. Adding two will result in an overall height adjustment range of 7.25 inches. These extensions are rock solid when snapped together and require NO TOOLS or DRILLING.

The Elite Manual 4-Way Locking Cat Door comes in 1 sizes, 6" x 6", accommodating small to average sized cats.

Inserts are available in WHITE only

Elite Side Sliding Window
Single Pane - Single 6" x 6" Flap
Window Pet Doors

All Security Boss Window Insert will fit channels that are at least 1" wide

[photo] Elite Manual Side Sliding Window
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American Owned | American Made
American Made | American Owned
How extensions attach to the SB Standard Patio Pet Door
View of Top Section / Spec Info
View of Bottom Section / Spec Info
[photo] Security Boss Patio Pet Door top Section

The top spring-loaded adjusting section of the Window Pet Door appears as an "H" piece when viewed from the side. The overall width of this piece is 11/16" (Will fit into most any sliding glass door track).

The spring-loaded adjustment provides for a 3.25" range for proper fitting into your opening. Most top tracks in sliding glass windows do not have any center rails, however, if you do have this feature then the Insert can straddle any rail at the top 9/16" wide or narrower.

The spring-loaded top is secured with 2 thumbscrew locks, accessible from the interior only, so that someone from the exterior of the house would not be able to compress or remove the unit.
[photo] Security Boss Patio Pet Door bottom view

The bottom section of the Security Boss Window Pet Doors have an overall width of 5/16". A semi-circle, "C" channel is centered and runs the length of the bottom. This "C" channel is design to straddle the center rail in the channel on the floor that your sliding glass window follows.

By straddling this center rail, the Window Pet Door will remain centered to the frame of your sliding door when closed to this unit.

Note: If the center rail in the channel on the floor is wider than 5/16", then this window Insert will not be able to straddle it and as a result may not fit properly in your opening

Measuring for the Side Sliding Window Pet Door:

To determine which height range will work with your slider, open the slider and measure from the very bottom inside track to the very top inside track. As you look down on the groove that the slider follows on the floor, you may see a thin rail. You will want to measure down past that rail, from the deepest part of the channel on the floor to the very top inside channel above.

Will These Window Pet doors fit all Sliding Windows?

As you look at the track on the floor your slider follows; you most often will see a "rail". If this "rail" is narrower than 5/16" (as you look down on it), then the Security Boss Window Pet Doors should fit your slider.

What is the Rise?:

This is the distance from the bottom of the patio insert to the bottom edge of the pet door frame. The Rise elevates the pet opening. For example a 2" rise will be the same as setting the pet door itself on a 2" block. There are several different rise options available (2", 4", 6", and 8" inches) to accommodate different pets. Selecting the rise along with the proper sized pet opening should result in the opening being higher than the shoulders of your pet to prevent the flap from pinching and also result in an easy step over height that they can use even as they age. As a rule of thumb, a pet opening should be 1.5 - 2" higher than your tallest pet's shoulders.

Included Weather stripping:

[photo] Security Boss Patio Pet Door top Section

Every Security Boss Window Insert features a replaceable bulb seal that lines both sides of the insert. This bulb seal provides a superior weather seal between the insert and the wall and sliding door. This weather seal can also be replaced if needed very easily by sliding the weatherstripping into the t-slot groove on your window pet door.

The weather seal is a 3" wide vinyl weather stripping section that attaches to the back side of your sliding door. When an insert is installed, your sliding door breaks the seal between the slider and fixed panel. This weather stripping will seal out any drafts.

Adjustable Height Range:

The top section of the Security Boss Window Pet Door floats on two tension rods that compress or expand to obtain the best possible fit in the window frame. The top is fit into the upper window slider track and the bottom rests on the bottom slider track. Once in place, there are two thumb bolts that lock the top section into place to prevent the Window Pet door from being removed from the outside.

  [photo] Easy Adjusting Height | Patio Pet Doors

How does my Sliding Door Lock?

[photo] Click to see our Security Patio Door Locks
We strongly suggest bracing the door with a stick or an adjustable brace bar; as this immobilizes your slider and is the most effective way to secure your sliding window. We also offer several locking devices for purchase if your situation requires.

Different ways to Install the Window Pet Door:

The Security Boss Window Pet Door can be mounted on the stationary side of the window. Many windows have stoppers that normally prevent the stationary panel from moving. If these stoppers can be removed, the stationary panel can be moved to accommodate the window panel.
Note: This technique will not work on windows where the stationary panel is molded into the frame.

Use of Extensions Ranges:

Security Boss makes 6 different height ranges of window pet doors. You can add 2 inch extensions to the top of all insert heights to extend their reach or adjustment range. These extensions snap into the top of your insert and fit tightly. No screws or hardware are required. It is possible to add more than two (2) extensions on the Security Boss Inserts. The snap in lock feature of the extensions allow for a stable firm unit regardless of the number of extensions are added. This is a great benefit to those who might move to a home with a taller sliding window system.
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4 Star Rated Pet Door
Single Pane
Manual Cat Door
-4 Way locking Control
-Temp. Or Permanent Install

-Controls Access In & Out
SB Standard Pet Doors by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC
Security Boss

Product Discontinued

Fits Openings From 30" to 73 1/2"
Single Pane Glass | Single Flap Cat Door
4-Way Lockable - 6" x 6" Pet Opening - Convenient Twist Lock Mechanism