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DT Systems 190 DT Bark Collar

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DT Systems 190DT No-Bark Collar

Auto Adjusting Correction
Activated by:
Unit Size
3" 1.8" x 1.5"
Correction Levels
Dogs Med to X-Large
Average Temperament

The DT Systems 190DT No-Bark Collar is a versatile training device that is designed to prevent excessive barking. It employs a sophisticated micro-processor system that among other things controls the duration of the static correction, controls the safety-delay, and remembers the last intensity setting used to correct your pet's barking. The 190DT No-Bark collar is fully waterproof, which makes this a perfect collar for almost any dog. A nice feature of this particular model is that there is a built in magnet on the collar, which means that you will no longer have to worry about losing the small magnets used to turn the device on or off.

DT Systems 190DT No Bark Collar

* Nine Levels of correction
* Newly redesigned Digital System with Micro-processor
* Adjustable Collar fits medium to extra large dogs.
* Uses standard 9 Volt battery (not included)
* System delivers 1/2 second corrective stimulation
* Automatic four-second safety delay
* Built in Magnetic ON/OFF system
* Digital Numeric Display shows 9 different intensity levels
* Vibration Sensor only picks up vocal cord vibrations reducing unnecessary shock from extraneous noises
* Data Memory System saves last used intensity setting
* Completely Waterproof
* 1 year warranty

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How it Works:
Activated by your dogs barking, vibration triggers collar
Type of Stim.
Auto Adjust Static
9 levels
Recommend for:
Medium to X-Large Dogs & Average Temperament

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DT Systems
190 DT Bark Collar