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Deluxe Pet Door Install Kit for Walls

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Deluxe Pet Door Install Kit for Walls

The Deluxe Install Kit for Walls includes the same items as our popular Basic Kit; along with the additions of an electric jigsaw and selection of blades for varying types of cutting. Our blade packet allows for cutting through any medium from metal to wood. We assembled these kits to not only assist the pet door installer, but also in order that the tools may be useful for other home projects.

Deluxe Install Kit for Walls includes:

1-Combination Stud Finder and level
12 ft. Power Lock Tape Measure
1-Calibrated Speed Square
7-Piece Set of 12" drill bits (From 1/8" to 1/2" diameter)
4 Ft.- Backer Rod
2.7 Fl Oz. of Superflex Silicone Adhesive
1-Snap-Off Blade All Purpose Utility Knife
1- Electric Jigsaw
5 Blade Set for Jigsaw

Use of Tools:

Combination Stud Finder and Level - This tool will allow you to locate the studs in your wall. You will want to move the Stud Finder is a sweeping motion left to right several times to locate and verify your stud. The Stud Finder is magnet and will pick up the nails used to attach the drywall or interior fascia of your home to the studs. If you have trouble locating the stud...repeat the sweeping motion and different heights. The built is level can be used during multiple steps of the pet door install to ensure you have level even markings etc.

12 ft. Power Lock Tape measure - Installation tool necessity, measure accurately not only your cut but also height of pet for proper placement height of your pet door.

Calibrated Speed Square - Our Speed Square allows you to make sure that your rough cut is square. Simply place the square in the corners and make sure that both sides of the square are touching the opening, to be sure you have made an accurate cut line or cut. Speed Squares can also be used to draw accurate level lines.

7-Piece Set of 12" Drill Bits - After marking your wall where the cut will be; use the 1/2" diameter 12" drill bit to drill a hole in each of the 4 corners of your cut out markings. By using a 12" bit, you can drill completely through the wall so that you will have guide holes on the exterior side of your wall. You can then simply connect the holes by using a jigsaw to form your rough cut. The extra bits we included for any future home projects you might encounter.
Ensure that there is no electrical wiring or water piping in the area you are installing any pet door. If unsure, we suggest contacting a certified installer or contractor for assistance.

Utility Knife - The utility knife can be used to trim and rough edges or to score a cut through the sheet rock. Handy tool to have.

Backer Rod - For situations where you have gap between the exterior frame of the pet door and the door itself. The Backer Rod is soft and pliable, allowing your to tear of pieces to fill any gaps, which can then be sealed with the included Silicone caulking.

2.7 oz. Superflex Silicone Adhesive - Silicone is commonly used to seal around the exterior sides of the pet door frame to create a water tight barrier. Apply the caulk around the perimeter of your door frame and smooth out with your finger for nice finished look.

Electric Jigsaw - 110v, 60hz, rated input power of 600 watts. Cutting guide plate can be adjusted to different angles for easy cutting. Includes Allen wrench for blade attachment and guide plate setting.

5 Blade all Purpose Blade Set - Rated for all popular Sabre saw and Jigsaws. Assortment of blades allow you to cut nearly any material:

Yellow Blade: Coarse cut blade for ripping and cutting lumber
Green & Brown Blade: Fine tooth for cross cutting lumber.
Red Blade: Fine tooth for cutting metal
Orange Blade: Made especially for cutting plywood

Important Note: Install Kits are NON-Refundable!

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Deluxe Pet Door Install Kit for Walls