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Comfort Contact Extra Collar Receiver

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Comfort Contact Extra Collar Receiver

This extra collar receiver is designed to be used with the Comfort Contact System electronic fence from Perimeter Technologies. Housed in a poly carbonate plastic case, this collar receiver is both waterproof and resistant to chewing. It operates on a replaceable lithium ion battery pack, making it lightweight and giving it a longer run time. A high quality nylon collar is included with each receiver.


This collar receiver also makes use of veterinarian preferred Comfort Contact soft rubber probes to reduce the incidence of skin irritation on your pet. Three sizes are available to suit dogs of all sizes. The 5/8" size probes will work well with most all dogs; however, some smaller dogs may prefer the 1/2" probes while larger dogs may prefer the 3/4" probes.


Comfort Contact Probes
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Housed in a polycarbonate plastic case that is resistant to chewing Receiver is completely waterproof Replaceable lithium ion battery pack High quality nylon collar is included Comfort Contacts are available in three sizes

Extra Collar Receiver for the
Comfort Contact System Electronic Fence