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Cat Mate Timer Controlled Cat Flap

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Cat Mate

Timer Controlled Cat Flap

Product Dimension
W x H
Flap Size
5 3/4" x 6"
Rough Cut
6 7/8" x 7 3/4"
Self framing for doors up to 2"
For use with cats up to 15lbs.

The Cat Mate Timer Controlled Cat Flap has been designed to help reduce cat road accidents and undesirable hunting activities. The easy to use LCD time control allows you to choose the high risk periods during which you do not wish your cat(s) to go out through the flap, e.g. rush hour, night time, etc.

Example: One customer uses this door to control their cats access outdoors during rush hours between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M. The cat can always come inside but cannot go outside during preset times.

Easily Program Timed Access Settings
No Collar Tags or Microchip Required
Designed to Control Time Cat is Allowed Outside

A secure 5-way rotary lock allows you complete control of your cats' movements through the flap and may be set to: Unlocked, In Only, Out Only, Locked and Timed Exit Lock. The streamlined design of the Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap maximizes entrance opening space - providing easy, stress-free access for your cat. The large 5 3/4" w x 6" opening is fitted with a transparent flap which is preferred by most cats and is made from super tough polymer. The brush sealed sealed flap with magnetic closure ensures a draft proof and weatherproof seal. The Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap is self lining to 2" thick - ideal for fitting to all doors. The cat flap can also be easily fitted to walls or glass panels with the Cat Mate Adapter Kit for Walls and Glass Panels (available separately). For wall thickness over 2" a Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner will be required for each additional 2" (available separately).

Product Manual
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Cat Door
Basic Info
Adobe Reader
Click Here for Product Manual in PDF format

Installation Note: The Animate Micro Chip 360 uses all three pieces of the Adapter kit. The Animate Rotary 358 & Timer Controlled 359 units use only the round adapter pieces:

Animate Adapter Kit for Walls & Glass Installation
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Program Time of Access
No Tags Required
1 Size
Doors: up to 2"
Walls: Any Thickness
3 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door

Timer controlled - when can leaves house Cat can always enter Self-framing for doors up to 2" thick (adapter kits and wall liners can be purchased for wall and in-glass installs) Clear tinted plastic flap is embedded with pile brush for creating a better seal Available in white Guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years

Cat Mate Timer Controlled Cat Flap
Model 359