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Automatic Close Gate

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Automatic Close Gate | Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

Automatic Close Gate

Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

The Automatic Close Gate features Magnet Lock Technology that automatically closes the gate after every use. This feature is a very convenient feature for customers carrying items who do not have free hands to close the gate appropriately. Rest assured this gate will automatically close behind you.

The gate measures 29.5" tall and can fit openings from 29-31.5. Additional extensions can be added to this gate to span a total distance of 47.5". This gate is pressure mounted and provides top tier safety for use in either doorways or hallways when hardware mounted gates are not an option. This gate also features a hold button function to allow the swing gate portion to be kept completely open until the button is released. This is a convenient gate feature for customers during high traffic times. Optional extensions are available to span this gate to a maximum of 47.5". This gate is constructed of durable steel that will last for years. The installation process is quick and easy and does not require any tools.

Note: The manufacturer does not recommend mounting this Automatic Close Gate at the top of stairs. A bottom bar located at the base of the pressure mounted gates helps to keep the gate stable, but can become a tripping hazard when placed at the top of stairways.

Gate Dimensions and Features
(Base Unit)
29" - 37"
29 1/2"
2 1/4"
Safety Latch
Important Message

The Base Gate unit consists of a gate that will span from 29" to 37".
There are included with your purchase (2) space fillers are used to fill the gap created when adjusting your gate to wider widths.

You may add up to (2) additional extensions for increased widths.
Additional extensions do not require space fillers.
Gate Width
Spans Using
Extension Combination
29 - 31.5"
No need to use included space fillers
31.5 - 34.25"
Use (1) included space filler
34.25 - 37"
Use (2) included space filler
37 - 42.5"
Use included space fillers + Purchase (1) - 5.5" extension kit
42.5 - 47.5"
Use included space fillers + Purchase (2) - 5.5" extension kits
Extensions for Automatic Close Gate
Extensions for Automatic Close Gate
Click here for 5.5" Pressure Mounted Extension Kit
Click for More Info & Pricing
Pressure Model
29.5" high
Fits 29"-31.5"
Add Ext. for a max of 47.5"
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Easy and convenient latching system Gate made with durable steel construction Easy to adjust pressure mounting makes installation easy to use and quick to set up (no tools required) Gate height - 29.5" Additional gate extension is available (5.5" Extension) Child proof safety handle Paint coat is lead free and non-toxic Magnetic Lock Technology ensures closure after every use Hold button allows swing gate to remain open

Automatic Close Gate