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Apex Guillotine Kennel Door

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Apex Guillotine Kennel Door

Guillotine Kennel Door with Insulated Flap Design

Apex Guillotine Kennel DoorSecurity Boss Manufacturing is proud to introduce the latest & greatest guillotine kennel door on the market! The Apex Guillotine Kennel Door features a complete guillotine pulley sytsem and insualated flap design! Guillotine doors and Exterior Kennel Door frames/flaps were sold separately in the past, but now there is one comprehensive kennel door that provides controlled access, and insulating barriers all in one! This Guillotine Kennel Door is custom made to fit any rough cut dimension and is self framing, meaning there is no additional work required to frame or finish the rough cut opening. The Apex Kennel Door can be purchased with a single or dual flaps. Dual Flaps are highly recommended for optimal energy efficiency! If your kennel facility features an HVAC system, only a dual flap Apex Guillotine Door will meet your facilitie's insulation needs.

Complete Kennel Door Pulley System

Apex Guillotine Kennel Door

The included pulley system is easy to install, and is designed to be operated from a safe distance, outside of the kennel run.
The easy grip handle and efficient guillotine door design makes this pulley system simple to operate, and does not require the use of counter weights.
The complete pulley system includes eye bolts (for wall and ceiling attachment), 20 ft of 7x7 steel aircraft cable, easy grip handle, and cable clamps for attaching this cable to the guillotine panel.

Kennel Door Models Avialable for Walls & Doors

Apex Guillotine Kennel Door

The Apex Guillotine Kennel Door is available in a door mount model (thin application up to 2") or a wall mount model (up to 10").
The wall mount version can fit any wall up to 10" deep, with an optional 16" tunnel to acommodate kennel customers with deep kennel walls.
This solid aluminum tunnel can be trimmed to fit your exact wall depth (tin snips are recommended for trimming the tunnel).
The Door Mount Model is a great solution for kennel customers installing a dog door through thinner applications, such as a pole shed/barn, corrugated aluminum siding, doors, etc.

Apex Guillotine Kennel Door Features

1" Guillotine High Density Foam Core Provides Top Insulation
Strong Magnetic Seal for Optimal Energy Efficiency
Apex Guillotine Kennel Door Insulated Aluminum Clad Core
Apex Guillotine Kennel Door provides an energy efficient seal
Top Choice for Temprature Controlled Kennel Facilities
Self Framing Installation for Doors & Walls
Kennel Clad Insulated Panel Close Up
Apex Guillotine Kennel Door is Self Framing for Doors and Walls

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Included hardware
Adobe Reader
Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Door Installation Instructions in PDF format

Security Boss Apex Guillotine Kennel Door

Made in USA

Square Inch Range
(Multiply W x H of rough cut to determine range)
0 - 215 Sq In
$XXX.XX  / per door
215 - 350 Sq In
$XXX.XX  / per door
350 - 600 Sq In
$XXX.XX  / per door

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